Who Gave the First Known Diamond Engagement Ring?

Who Gave the First Known Diamond Engagement Ring?

The history of diamond engagement rings is as old as the history of love, intimacy, affection, and dedication. People used to propose to their loved ones with a diamond engagement ring. However, do you know the history of the diamond engagement ring as a symbol of the proposal and who gave the first known diamond engagement ring?

Here, I will take you through the entire history of engagement rings to help you better understand what meaning people attach to these diamond rings, and who gave the first known diamond engagement ring to his love.

Darry Ring

A Brief History of the First Known Diamond Engagement Ring

The last quarter of the fifteenth century has resulted in the evolution of the first known diamond engagement rings. Back in 1477, Europe saw this engagement ring trend still in practice. Let's read on to know who gave the first known diamond engagement ring.

Archduke Maximillian, from Austria, has got a very beautiful diamond engagement ring for his spouse, named Mary of Burgundy. From that day, Europeans have made and accepted it as the norm.

People used to show their love and dedication with these diamond engagement rings. Initially, these rings were made by mixing diamonds with other jewelry stones. However, with time, people started crafting diamond rings in different shapes, such as flowers and hearts.

The struggle remained till 1947 when De Beers launched its own crafted diamond engagement rings with the popular slogan "A Diamond is Forever." That's all about a brief history of who gave the world the first known diamond engagement ring.

After that, huge progress has been made in crafting pure and unique diamond rings. The story does not end at this point. The year 1930 has seen tremendous progress in the African economy. That bloomed in the African economy when DeBeers mine was found in Africa. Since that time, the sales of diamonds have increased and are still in vogue these days.

Are Diamond Engagement Rings Still in Practice These Days?

These rings have never gone out of fashion. They have become more than a fashion statement and one's commitment to his love. Numerous renowned diamond engagement ring brands across the globe are best for some reasons.

dr diamond engagement ring

Over the years, Darry Ring has made several attempts to get the place, name, and fame in this competitive diamond engagement ring market. Darry Ring is one such platform that assures you of your life commitments and dedication to love by offering you unique and beautifully crafted diamond engagement rings and Darry Ring Agreement. Darry Ring encourages people to pursue true love by insisting that one person can only buy a DR diamond ring for his/her love in life. The Darry Ring Agreement is kind of a love declaration which is required to sign after purchasing a DR diamond ring. It also serves as proof of purchase to trace back whether you have ever purchased a DR diamond ring before.

You will get only one engagement in your life as a pledge of commitment. If you are interested in other jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, bands, pendants, and bangles, then the Darry Ring will be the perfect platform.

I hope that this read has made it clear to you who gave the first known diamond engagement ring. So, are you ready for your purchase?

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