Holaaaa, today I am interested to share about a website that sells a variety of clothes, it also a great place to buy the best waist trainer, body shaper, dress, Leggings, and a cheap price, and the website I am talking about is Feelingirldress Online Store.

Feelingirldress Online Store is a professional and reliable online shopping center providing a variety of hot selling sexy lingerie, waist trainer, body shaper, dress, Leggings, sportswear with Affordable price .

Blouse Wholesale 

I see a lot of beautiful dresses and sweaters that are definitely a choice of many women out there. Some attracted my attention to buy on the website. This website sells quality clothing with attractive designs as well as other from other existing websites .

Below you can see some of the clothing designs that I like and am interested in buying. The price offered is also very cheap and worth it for us to buy. Surely you also agree with me. right?

If you are interested in the blouse design below, you can reach this link ---> Blouse Wholesale 

Beautiful Dress

for women who like this style of stylo, you will definitely continue to buy this one!

Beautiful Dress

casual clothing suitable for certain occasions

Beautiful Dress

I fell in love with these 3 designs

Cheap Sweater & Cardigans

Now let's talk about beautiful but cheap / quality sweaters and cardigans. I am one of the fans of sweaters and cardigans. I like to collect beautiful sweaters and cardigans. When I visit this website I am interested in sweaters and cardigans on this website.

The price offered is very reasonable and meets the quality I wanted. Take a look at the pictures below, it is among the line of sweaters and cardigans available for sale on this website.

If you are also interested in buying one or all of the sweater and cardigan designs on this website (hehehe), you can click this link .. happy shopping .. =) --> CHEAP CARDIGANS


The star pattern on this blouse is very beautiful and made me fall in love


star pattern again .. I can not run away from it .. haha

beautiful sweater

I like the color on this sweater

Let's take a look at some of my favorite cardigans on this website, there are many other beautiful cardigans but I list which ones I was tempted to buy. Surely the design and quality of a cardigan plays an important role for women in choosing the best, cheap and quality. right?

If you look at the pictures below, do you think there is something that appeals to you all? if so, you can click on the link that i shared above.. 


Attractive colors


Soft colors are also available


Want a turtleneck sweater? this is it

Black Friday Promotion

If you are looking for a sweat waist trainer, this is the best time to buy.  Feelingirldress Black Friday 2020 is a great discount for you. Your purchase is definitely worth it when you can get a discount Up To 50% OFF for waist belt, body shaper, sports sets available. 

There are about 206 items to choose on wholesale waist trainer that is available for grabs. The choice is yours if you want it for tummy control, curve shaper, butt lifting, or for thigh shaper. The product comes with choices of XS to 3XL with 12 attractive colors.

let's see the picture I shared below, surely women out there will be excited to see it because it is a product that is in high demand for those who want to have a slim body shape.

sweat waist trainer

Among those that attracted me to buy

waist trainer

its look nice. right? 

waist trainer
butt lifter shaper

Talking about this, there are 4 categories of choices depending on your preferred needs either a waist trainer, butt lifter shaper, body shaper, or sweat waist trainer, the choice is yours!

Finally, I want to ask you, does this website attract you to buy here? Definitely the answer Yes right? So, do not miss the opportunity to buy your favorite clothes here , the place to get your products which they have different varieties of products, with too many beautiful dress to choose, and shapewear to wear. Good quality, affordable prices, also on time delivery. 

All of these products are easy searching when your browse the product tag section showing recommended products, hot products, and also fashion dress, at the same time you will be able to see hot deals from time to time.

You also can purchased any with no minimum order.. 

You can place an order from this website directly

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  1. banyak nya baju lawa-lawaa tak silap online store ni boleh ship malaysia jugak kan?

  2. Lawa-lawa kan baju dia TB. Marsha pun dok usha web dia. Bestnya worldwide postage plak tu.

  3. woow...the cardigan selections so attractive, love the design, gonna explore more since it's available with worldwide shipping. Thanks for sharing ya :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  4. Wow, macam nak la waist trainer tu. Sejak2 pkp ni kan, dah lama tak workout (alasan). 😆 So kena la cari alternatif lain.

  5. With beautiful designs and choices aplenty, I am sure the ladies will be flocking to find that garment(s) that suit them.

    I can buy from here too, right?

  6. Wah... Anak sulung kalau tengok ni sure kemaruk dibuatnya! Design Sweater & Cardigans dia cecantik. Bagus ada friday diskaun, nak borong!

  7. cantik2 bajunya. kalau saya perempuan mesti dah grab beberapa helai dah hehe. tapi takpa saya akan share dengan kakak2 saya, mana tau diorang berminat :)

  8. Wow... rambang mata sebab memang cantik-cantik koleksi yang ada. Dah ada dah dua tiga helai yang akak suka.

  9. Bestnya ada portal fesyen terbaru untuk kaum wanita diluar sana... cantik2 pulak baju dalam website tue.. nice..!

  10. Eh eh berkenan pulak nengok baju-baju tu laaa.. ni 11.11 ni agak-agak ada sale ke ekkk..nak terjah leee

  11. Cardigan tu cantik giler. Boleh la admin cuci mata tengok-tengok laman web ni

  12. cantik-cantik pulak design baju kat sini. nanti nak cuci mata jugak la eh.. macam banyak yang best je.

  13. Memang lawa2 design baju dan sweater dekat sini. Berkenan tengok. Siap ada diskaun utk body shaper & sport set lagi. Berbaloi beli.


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