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Kuala Lumpur, 27 July 2021 – Global beauty brand Y.O.U Beauty is on fire with the launch of Stay All Day Pen Eyeliner, just like its’ name, this eyeliner can indeed stay all day. It is invented with a colour-lock formula that lasts up to 24 hours, catering to the growing demand for eye wear makeup. Especially during the pandemic where everyone has a face mask on and want to emphasis on their eye makeup look.

Y.O.U Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty

Innovative Lock Technology

The pen eyeliner consists of 7 excellent features including waterproof, sweatproof, anti-friction, smudge proof, transfer proof, anti-fading, and persistent Ink lines. The innovative colour-lock formula boosts an impressive 24-hour staying power and through this formula, it also dries quickly to ensure it won't smudge or smear during application, and the flexible applicator makes it easier to create any eyeliner look.

“We are proud of our colour-lock formula, which is a revolutionary formula that contains two kinds of film former that provide a protective film on the eyelids, giving you a long-lasting wear and keeping your eyes look beautiful all day long.” said Ida Chong, Brand Director of Y.O.U Beauty Malaysia.

Breakthrough Ink Level Structure

The Innovative Ink Level Case delivers persistent smooth ink lines with intense colour pigmentation that enables makeup pros or newbie alike to draw a smooth ink line up to 500m long. The eyeliner embodies a beauty nylon material from Japan which is flexible and gentle on skin, making you feel comfortable while applying while offering the darkest, smoothest, the most long-lasting eyeliner. Y.O.U Beauty's Stay All Day Pen Eyeliner is also free of paraben, alcohol, talc and fragrance!

Create Any Style Easily

Many find applying eyeliner a challenge especially when you're creating a cat-eye. But, thanks to the flexible felt tip that is easy to control, you can now create any eyeliner style you like – wing it, frame it or extend it!

Easy to Remove

Although it is a waterproofed eyeliner, it can be easily removed with your eye makeup remover such as Y.O.U Spring Water Eye & Lip Makeup Remover that gives a clean and fresh skin feels after using without irritating the skin.

More Offers Just For YOU!

Apart from the Stay All Day Eyeliner, do also check out Y.O.U newly launched eyebrow pencils too.

A trusty brow pencil is a must-have item in any makeup kit and framing your brows will make you look more awake and naturally polished, even if it’s just for a Zoom meeting.

Eyebrow Pencils to Suit Your Style

Y.O.U Beauty offers two types of eyebrow pencils for you to choose from, the Extra Slim Eyebrow Pencil and Teardrop Brow Definer. The Extra Slim Eyebrow Pencil has an ultra slim tip which is only 1.5mm that allows you to create natural fluffy hair-like strokes and delivers precise defined brows. This eyebrow pencil is enriched with Camellia extract to keep your brows nourished and moisturized.

Y.O.U Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty

The Teardrop Brow Definer on the other hand is developed with smooth-glide formula to create natural groomed brows easily and transforms sparse brows into full and perfectly-defined arches. With just one step, you can instantly glamify your look.

Y.O.U Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty

Rouge Satin Lip Cream

Although we don’t wear lipsticks as much nowadays as we use to, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a new shade to our lipstick collection. The long-lasting Rouge Satin Lip Cream has many amazing benefits, it is highly pigmented with bold color, the texture is smooth and light, contains coconut, sunflower and jojoba oil that will soften, hydrate and prevents chapped lips. Just swipe a layer on your lips before your video meeting with your co-workers or video call with your BFFs! The lip cream can also double up as your blusher or eyeshadow to complete your look!

Y.O.U Beauty
 Y.O.U Beauty

Golden Age Series

Anyone can be young at heart and in the face as well but it needs a little more effort to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. The Golden Age series is a great anti-aging product for you to start with to improve skin’s health and age. Formulated with a natural anti-aging ingredient including Pomegranate extract and Blue Agave Leaf extract, these two amazing ingredients help to treat damaged skin, prevent signs of aging and keep skin moisturized. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid that aids in improving skin texture and reducing fine lines.

Y.O.U Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty

Where to Buy

There is no excuse not to have these amazing makeup products in your makeup kit. Get it now at Watsons, Lazada or Shopee!

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Eye Makeup Products

Stay All Day Pen Eyeliner

Extra Slim Brow Pencil

Teardrop Brow Definer

Express On Point Eyeliner

Y.O.U Beauty

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Y.O.U Beauty

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About YOU Beauty

Y.O.U Beauty is an international beauty brand under HEBE Beauty Group. Upholding the brand philosophy of “Long Lasting Beauty”, Y.O.U beauty is committed in providing accessible beauty with innovative technology and fashionable design to all women, inspiring them to express an exquisite attitude and bloom their everlasting beauty. With presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and other markets across the world, Y.O.U beauty understands the needs of consumers from different markets and offers and extensive product portfolio featuring makeup, skincare, body care and cosmetics accessories.


Ida Chong
Brand Director
Mobile: 016 866 4199
E-mail: ida.chong@hebebeauty.my

Miki Tan

Communication Executive
Mobile: 017 522 9621
E-mail: miki.tan@hebebeauty.my

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