List Makanan Boleh atau Tidak Boleh Makan Oleh Penghidap Psoriasis

List Makanan Boleh atau Tidak Boleh
Makan Oleh Penghidap Psoriasis
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Sedang mencari syampu yang sesuai untuk masalah kulit kepala yang semakin menjadi-jadi ni (disebabkan Psoriasis) terjumpa pulak perkongsian yang amat berguna. Iaitu pemakanan yang boleh atau perlu di pantang oleh mereka yang ada Psoriasis. So, TB nak share kat sini untuk ingatan TB nanti. mungkin juga dapat memberi info buat mereka yang senasib dengan TB. Moga bermanfaat . TB tak ubah apa-apa termasuk tak translate kan dari Bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa melayu sebab TB pun kejar masa ni.. harap semua yang membaca faham la yea.. K bye..

List Makanan yang boleh dimakan dan yang perlu pantang.

Psoriasis Healing Diet

Organic whenever possible

Non-GMO (genetically-modified organisms)

All animal products need to be at a minimum organic (ideally 100% pastureraised, grass-fed) and wild-caught fish .

High vegetable, high healthy fat, moderate protein, extremely low grain diet

in order to help the wall of the intestine heal properly and stop leaking toxins into the rest of the body. Skin lesions are a manifestation of “leaky gut syndrome” where the body is trying to rid itself of toxins via the skin. 

Water- Drink at least ½ your body weight in ounces of filtered or pure spring water every day. This in addition to all other liquids consumed.

Contoh: 70kg , kena minum 35ounce ataupun 1.04litre tidak termasuk kopi, juice dan minuman lain.

Fruits- Fresh, frozen, or stewed
 Apples (stewed)
 Apricots
 Berries
 Cherries
 Dates
 Figs (unsulphured)
 Grapefruit
 Grapes
 Kiwi
 Lemons
 Limes
 Mangoes
 Nectarines
 Oranges
 Papayas
 Peaches
 Pears
 Pineapples
 Prunes (small)

Fruits- permitted in lesser quantities
 Avocados
 Cranberries
 Currants
 Plums
 Prunes (large)
 Raw apples, bananas, melons (should be eaten sparingly and eaten alone)

-No strawberries at all!
-No citrus fruits with eczema or psoriatic arthritis

Vegetables- Daily intake should be a 3:1 ratio of vegetables that grow above ground to those that grow below ground. Fresh is preferred, frozen is permitted.

Foods marked with an asterisk are especially important to consume.
 Asparagus
 Beets
 Broccoli
 Brussels sprouts
 Cabbage
 Carrots*
 Celery*
 Cucumbers
 Garlic*
 Lettuce- all lettuce varieties (Romaine in particular)*
 Onions*
 Olives
 Parsnips
 Pumpkin
 Scallions
 Spinach*
 Sprouts*
 String beans
 Squash
 Sweet potatoes
 Watercress*

Vegetables permitted in a lesser quantity
 Corn
 Dried beans
 Lentils
 Mushrooms
 Peas
 Rhubarb

 Daily intake of fresh vegetable and fruit juice is highly recommended. Highly recommended recipe is freshly juiced carrots, celery, and romaine lettuce.

 Fish- wild-caught, preferably dark and oily (higher fat content) 3-4x/week
 Poultry- chicken, turkey, wild fowl 2-3x/week
 Lamb- 4-6 oz. serving 1x/week
 No red meat!

Dairy- not all will tolerate dairy well. Use in very small quantities at first.
Milk, butter, cheese, yogurt. Raw/unpasteurized is the best choice.
Eggs- 2-4 per week, prepared any way but fried.

 Coconut- great for cooking or any use.
 Olive- do not cook, take 1tbsp 3x/day for adults.
 Sesame- do not cook
 Grapeseed- good for cooking at low-moderate heat
 Flaxseed- do not cook

Teas- asterisk refers to most beneficial teas for psoriasis, but not permitted in pregnancy.
 Slippery elm bark powder (am)*
 American yellow saffron (evening)*
 Chamomile
 Green
 Mullein
 Oolong
 Watermelon seed tea

Grains- kept to a minimum
 No white flour products
 Millet
 Rice- brown or wild

= Foods to avoid =
Meats- such as beef, veal, pork, and all processed meats (bologna, pepperoni, hot dogs, salami, sausage

Hydrogenated products- margarine and shortening

Nightshade vegetables- eggplant, paprika, peppers (all types except black pepper), tomatoes (and tomato products), tobacco, white potatoes (and all potatoes except sweet potatoes and yams).

Shellfish- clams, crabs, lobster, shrimp, and sauces made with shellfish
Junk food- candy, pastries, chocolate, French fries, potato chips, soda, and sweets.

Coffee- if strongly desired a maximum of 2 cups/day of black, swissprocess decaffeinated coffee may be consumed.

Gluten- wheat, barley, oats, and rye if gluten intolerance is suspected.

Miscellaneous- all fried foods, pizza, alcohol, sugary cereals, vinegar, pickled or smoked foods, hot spices, gravies, strawberries, peanut butter, and too many starches.

(Adapted from Healing Psoriasis by Dr. John Pagano)
(For a more complete understanding read Healing Psoriasis by Dr. John Pagano)


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  1. Learnt a lot reading this. Will share with friends.

  2. Such a lots of info . If Psoriasis similar like eczema right?

    1. Psoriasis and eczema is quite different. Even the way the skin looked (the scaly and thickness). If they are wrongly diagnosed and ambil ubat yg salah, it can be prolonged or turn into worst.

  3. Wow terima kasih berkongsi ilmu dan info. Sesiapa yang ada psoriasis, post ni pasti membantu

    1. sama-sama.. hope it will be a good info to them

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    1. memang ada Fatin Bella.. banyak sangat pantangnya.. kadang tak lalu rasanya nak ikut

  5. Thanks for sharing such an extensive list. Will share it if I come across friends who suffer from the same condition.

  6. Wow... never knew there are food restrictions for psoriasis skin condition. Will keep that in mind!

    1. yeah.. dont eat too much or it will come harmless

  7. Sakit kulit ni selalu punca makanan dan immunity tak okay. Kadang-kadang makan sikit dah jadi teruk. Kesian juga.

    1. yea.. betul tu Zayani.. kadang ikut keturunan pun yea

  8. Banyak jugak yg tak boleh makan ya. Good sharing bolwh tmbah pengetahuan mengenai penyakit ni

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