15 Tali leher Corak LuarBiasa Yang Stylo dan Keatif

hoho.. kali ni nak share menda-menda pelik lagi yang teman jumpa kat internet.. aloh.. necktie atau bahasa kita Tali Leher ni semua pelik-pelik kan.. agak-agak ada yang nak pakai tak.. tapi memang ada yang cantik pun.. macam yang kat bawah ni.. lawa gak kan.. unik je rupanya.. jom tengok 15 Tali leher Corak LuarBiasa Yang Stylo dan Keatif .. 
1) Molecular Tie
If you are a chemistry geek, then why not, by all means this one is made for you. And even if you are a hapless chap, this tie has certainly got many formulae to get you what you wish! It spells geekiness in abundance and a sure shot way to impress your boss.

2) Circuit Tie
Be a circuit breaker with this cool Circuit Tie brought to you by the Intel motherboard. Very geeky again like the last one, but I can think of a few occasions where it will work its charm, can you??

 3) Hot Dog Tie
Fresh bread, tasty and meaty sausage and a dribble of mustard, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ah! Simple yet scrumptilicious.

4) Guitar Tie
Strum that guitar Rockstar!. This super cool and ultra-sexy guitar shaped tie will always keep you in the groove.
 5) Parrot Tie
‘Charlie wants Big nuts or Cracker now or will poop all over!’. Always carry nuts and crackers for the hungry bird.. Squawk, squawk!!

6) NY Cabbie Tie
The New York Cabbie Tie is the coolest and brightest tie ever. It’s a Cab Stopper! If you happen to be in the Big Apple City, then do flaunt this one, you’d never miss a cab.
 7) Power-On Tie
This will definitely get any type of work done. Just plug in..Power On….Work Done.
 8) No Smoking Tie
Courageously wear your rules on your tie with √©lan.  Stand against the No Smoking cause with this bold statement tie. Come to think of it, even the chain smokers can flaunt this tie it may remind them of NOT smoking.
 9) Colourful  Lego Tie
Ah! The Legos… favourite of many. Stack it, build it and if it falls and breaks don’t worry just restart. Make it from any colour or invent different combinations. Go crazy with colour and sizes to create your custom design necktie.
10) Bean Bag Snake Tie
It’s bold and very very loud. The soft acrylic fibre filled Snake Ties are more for party animals than office going crowd. Just don’t sting people with your tie they’ll think of you as a retard.
11) Moon Crater Tie
Who needs a telescope to gaze at the faraway moon when you got the moon dangling around your neck? “I got the moon under my collar” what you got?
 12) Ice-Cream Tie
If you are wondering what flavour it is?? It is the favourite vanilla chocolate ice-cream topped with red shinning cherry. Lick it and eat it before it melts. Quick, quick!

 13) Crossword Tie
For the Crossword Fanatics, the Crossword Tie. Just in case you can’t get enough of it in the newspaper it is transferred onto your beloved tie. ‘Wherever you go it follows.’
14) Key-Board Tie
This one, a no brainer is for our beloved computer geeks, typists, software engineers and IT professionals. Feel like closer to home with this Key – Board Tie.?

15) Tongue Licking Tie
Lick your food away with this tie. You may want to stay away from tasty food though, or else your tie will start watering!


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