Eau de Parfum
78148      30ml

A sensually romantic fragrance that recaptures the sweet moments and exquisite joys of true love found. Its smooth, alluring blend of velvety woods, extravagant floral and seductive musk evokes the indescribable feeling of love that's essentially romantic. Embrace the passion and magical moment of Everlasting Romance. Comes in an all-new, elegant perfume bottle that resembles the pure feminity of a sensual woman.

Cream Perfume
78147      10g

Indulge in the sweet, seductive scent of everlasting romance that's delicately blended into a luxurious cream base. Leaves skin exquisitely perfumed all day long. Free of alcohol. Comes in a charming, petite case that can be easily slipped into handbag for convenient fragrant touch-ups anywhere you go. Won't spill or stain.

78116      50g
An alcohol-free deodorant that keeps body softly scented for hours. Contains natural deodorizing properties that provide lasting protection against body odour.

Body Spray
78114      75ml
A luxuriously fragrant, deodorising body spray that awakens the feminine senses and keeps body beautifully scented for refined confidence all day long.

Body Powder
78115      100g
An irresistibly soft and velvety body powder that helps body stay comfortably fresh and dry for day long confidence. Leaves skin silky to the touch.

Shower Gel
78120      250ml
A sensuous shower gel that cleanses and refreshes in soft lather, leaving skin soft and silky with a trail of seductive scent after every wash.
Hand & Body Lotion
78117      200ml
A lightweight, non-greasy lotion that absorbs easily onto skin. It contains a unique blend of natural emollients and conditioners that provides lasting hydration for supple skin.

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