Momofuku Ando Birthday | Siapa Momofuku Ando?

Hohoho.. kalau dah terlampau suka sangat-sangat kartun/doodle.. memang ternampak je kartun2 comel teman akan terus klik-klik tengok.. haa.. 
Semalam (5/3/2015) masa buka google, ternampaklah kartun/doodle comel ni kat muka depan website (search engine) Google tu .. 

Suka sangat sebab comel kotttt.. heheheh.. pastu teman baca la apa citer disebalik gambar tu.. ho.. rupanya di Doodle atas ni ialah sempena ulang tahun ke 105 Bapa Mee Segera. Semalam (5/3/2015) Google telah melancarkan satu doodle khas pada laman utamanya khas sempena Birthday Bapa Mee Segera ini.. 

Siapa Bapa Mee Segera? Dialah Momofuku Ando, seorang lelaki berketurunan Taiwan - Jepun yang mencipta kewujudan mee segera di Jepun. kenapa beliau dipanggil Bapa Mee Segera? haa.. kalau korang nak tau.. 

Dialah Orang yang mula-mula mencipta Mee Segera yang korang selalu makan ketika lapar, ketika takde selera makan, dannn.. ketika tak berduikk.. heee.. samolah kita.. hehehehe..

Beliau merupakan individu penting dalam industri ini yang telah menyelamatkan banyak nyawa Pasca Perang Dunia yang lalu. Meh baca kisah Momofoku Ando ni.. haa.. 

March 5, 2015 is Momofuku Ando’s 105th Birthday

If you’ve ever needed to eat something quickly and cheaply, you may be familiar with this mantra:

"Peel off the lid.
Pour boiling water into the cup.
Let sit for three minutes.
Stir well and serve.”

With these four simple steps, Taiwanese-Japanese inventor Momofuku Ando introduced to the world instant ramen, a dish that not only revolutionized food but also serves as a testament to what hard work and perseverance can achieve. Our doodle for the inventor’s 105th birthday showcases Momofuku’s efforts to make instant noodles, but don’t let the speed of the animations fool you – it took Ando years to figure out the recipe!

“It took 48 years of my life for me to come up with the idea of instant noodles. Each and every event in the past is connected to the present by invisible threads.”
– Momofuku Ando

It was Ando’s passion and dedication that Doodler Sophie Diao wanted to get across in her artwork. Ando, a lifelong entrepreneur who started his first business at age 22, found the inspiration to his greatest success while walking through the streets of post-World War II Japan: People were waiting for hours in long lines, just for a comforting bowl of ramen. Realizing hunger was the most pressing issue facing Japan, he felt a desire to help the people of his country.


“People can only be content when there is enough food.
– Momofuku Ando

So in 1957, the inventor took on the task of developing a fast, cheap and tasty way to make Japan’s national comfort food – ramen. Ando’s long road to success inspired Diao to use multiple animations for the doodle, since one couldn't possibly do Momofuku justice. She also included the shed where Ando spent countless days and nights experimenting.

“Inspiration leads to invention. Tenacity is the breeding ground for inspiration. There can be no invention in the absence of tenacity.”
– Momofuku Ando

After months of hard work, Ando’s perseverance paid off. He eventually discovered that by flash-frying ramen noodles in tempura oil, tiny holes were created in the noodles that allowed them to cook nearly instantly once combined with hot water. It was a success, and customers were enthusiastic about the time they were saving. It was the first step to achieving Ando’s goal of ending world hunger.

“Peace will come to the world when all its people have enough to eat.”
– Momofuku Ando

Utilizing a style reminiscent of classic Japanese Anime and inspiration from the labeling on food packaging, Diao wanted to turn Ando into a mascot for his greatest invention and display ramen’s universal appeal with a fun and lighthearted spirit.

“When you cast away all your greed and fixation in adversity, you can find unexpected strength.”
– Momofuku Ando

Ando’s labor of love has had a lasting impact on people from all around the world, but he never let success stop him from working to improve instant ramen. In 1971, he introduced the world to Cup Noodles. Not stopping there, Ando then turned his focus toward inventing instant noodles that could be eaten in space. His rationale? “People have to eat no matter where they go, even outer space.” He was in his 90s when he debuted “Space Ram.”

“It is never too late to do anything in life.”
– Momofuku Ando

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tasty homage to a great inventor and humanitarian, whose creativity and devotion to ending hunger have forever changed the way we eat. As Momofuku Ando said, “Mankind is noodlekind.”

Olololoh.. comel giler kartun ni kannn.. alahai.. teman giler2 suka.. adoi.. comeiiii.. gerammmm..!!!!

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  1. ooo baru tau psl dia, tp mmg bagus citer2 mcm ni.paling tidak blh kenal 'watak' disebaliknya.apa pun doodle tu mmg comel...

  2. samalah.. Misaaki pun masa buka Google naik gambar dia, terus klik nak tahu info.. sekali inventor mee segara perghh :D

    makanan faveret setiap masa XD hehehe..


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